6th Avenue Parkway Master Suite

This remodel added a sitting room, walk in closet and full bathroom to this small 6th Avenue Parkway home to give it a true master suite getaway!

Guest Retreat

This basement bedroom has no windows so we draped the walls in fabric creating an illusion. Simple clean furniture elements, light walls and great custom bedding create this guest retreat!

Schomp Mansion Gentleman Bedroom

Congress Park Master Suite

This Congress Park home needed a master suite, so the attic became this couples retreat with a bedroom, bathroom, walk in closet for two and a sitting room.

Gray & White Bedroom

Master Bedroom

Neutrals are definitely not boring in this bedroom, the ceiling has stunning mill-work that architectural elegance!

JSG Designer Show house Grant Humphreys Mansion

This room was part of the JSG Designer Show House at the Grant Humphreys Mansion in Denver,CO. A Louise 14th inspired space with several antiques, a mix of fabrics dress the bed and furniture all wrapped in faux yellow walls, completed with a antique Persian rug with silk and gold threads.

Downtown Loft

This Denver downtown loft bedroom now has character and coziness!

Pattern Playfull

This guest bedroom combined a simple color pallet, took a few great fabrics and made it fabulous!

Soft & Serine

This traditional bedroom uses a simple light color palette combined with great fabrics and unique touches to pull together a great look!

Seaside Bedroom

A little touch of the sea was added to this room, the mirrored closet doors add depth and dimension to this small space.