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These colorful kitchens will keep you cooking!! Take a risk and mix it up a bit, don’t be afraid to be bold!


This great cozy space was not being used by the family it just needed a little update, we used a few existing pieces, changed the floor plan and added some new furniture, accessories, and window treatments to give it new energy and make it more functional for the family to use. We designed this quick makeover in about 3 days, on buddget and now they hangout together in this fun room everyday!


Bold Stripes

These bold stripe window treatments make a statement  in this living room and pop against the gunmetal walls.

Yellow & Gray Pop!

Yellow & Gray Pop! Yellow and gray is a classic color combination for this master bathroom. I love how the mirrors reflect the windows and pull the natural sunlight through out the space!

Powerful Powder Room

Powerful powder room packed with style, classic leopard wall covering, Asian inspired vanity lots of gold and fabulous sconces top it all of. Just because your space is small doesn’t mean it can’t make a statement and this powder room dose just that!

Kitchen that Cooks!

This is such a fabulous kitchen, so many unique features that pull it all together. The built-in banquet on the island really pulls the seating into the space. The full height sculptured marble back splash makes an elegant statement. Bright white cabinetry with the contrasting warm wood floors , a custom mixed metal hood add to this kitchens high style. Then propose of color and metal accessories add flair! I’m ready to get cooking in this kitchen!


I absolutely love this room! The combination of fabrics, unique colors, and textures make me feel good and that’s what design is all about for me making people feel good! The best complement I can receive from a client is when they tell me every time they come home or walk into a room that I’ve done for them they feel good and it makes them happy. I love to hear that from them it’s why I’ve been creating interiors for over twenty years. This look may not be right for you and that’s  ok we’re all different and unique. I like to find out what feels good for my clients and create a space that’s perfect for them! As you’re looking through my website you’ll see many styles, that’s because all of my clients are different and what makes one feel good is not necessary right for another. This is why I love what I do, my day is never the same. I may meet with an eclectic person in the morning and then my next client may have a minimalist style  and my last could be contemporary. It keeps it fun for me and I get to be creative in many ways!

This colorful family room is a great example of how to blend various patterns and colors together in a room to make it uniquely yours. The trick to pattern blending, start with a main print like the large floral on the sofa in this picture, then pull out your favorite colors and start hunting for fabrics. Stripes, plaids, mini prints, textures, tone on tone, geometrics, damasks, toiles  etc…. are some great patterns to start out with. Be careful not to mix it up to much or you’ll miss the mark, try odd numbers. Now the most important thing to keep in mind is pattern blending comfortable to you, if your just testing the waters then keep it simple and try 3 patterns together.  Design is all about your personality and what’s going to feel right for you and your space. I’m all about pushing the envelope but start small it’s easier to add. Check out the rest of this open family room, dining room space below. As your designer I can help you create a look that’s just right for you!! Let me know how I can help you achieve your dream house. I look forward to working with you and having fun!! Enjoy Penny

More Mix it UP! Family Room

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This is a designers version of 50 Shades of Gray

A designers version of 50 shades of gray! This office wrapped in shades of gray is simple, soothing, and stunning! Playing with pattern and textures while blending various styles of furniture together create visual impact that is still soothing. Who couldn’t get a lot of work done in this space? I love the natural light from the large windows and the simple desk!

Green Glass = Great!

This recycled green glass tile combined with the crisp white floor, tub and sink with the dash of wenge wood and simple sconces make the perfect statement in this bathroom. Definately not lacking in color or drama but still soothing and the various shades of green tile allow you to change up the accents.