Color, Color, Color!!!


I absolutely love this room! The combination of fabrics, unique colors, and textures make me feel good and that’s what design is all about for me making people feel good! The best complement I can receive from a client is when they tell me every time they come home or walk into a room that I’ve done for them they feel good and it makes them happy. I love to hear that from them it’s why I’ve been creating interiors for over twenty years. This look may not be right for you and that’s  ok we’re all different and unique. I like to find out what feels good for my clients and create a space that’s perfect for them! As you’re looking through my website you’ll see many styles, that’s because all of my clients are different and what makes one feel good is not necessary right for another. This is why I love what I do, my day is never the same. I may meet with an eclectic person in the morning and then my next client may have a minimalist style  and my last could be contemporary. It keeps it fun for me and I get to be creative in many ways!

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