Mix it UP!!

This colorful family room is a great example of how to blend various patterns and colors together in a room to make it uniquely yours. The trick to pattern blending, start with a main print like the large floral on the sofa in this picture, then pull out your favorite colors and start hunting for fabrics. Stripes, plaids, mini prints, textures, tone on tone, geometrics, damasks, toiles  etc…. are some great patterns to start out with. Be careful not to mix it up to much or you’ll miss the mark, try odd numbers. Now the most important thing to keep in mind is pattern blending comfortable to you, if your just testing the waters then keep it simple and try 3 patterns together.  Design is all about your personality and what’s going to feel right for you and your space. I’m all about pushing the envelope but start small it’s easier to add. Check out the rest of this open family room, dining room space below. As your designer I can help you create a look that’s just right for you!! Let me know how I can help you achieve your dream house. I look forward to working with you and having fun!! Enjoy Penny

More Mix it UP! Family Room

More Mix it UP! Family room

More Mix it UP!
Family room

More Mix it Up! Family & Dining Room

More Mix it Up!
Family & Dining Room

Mix it UP! Dining Room

Mix it UP!
Dining Room

Mix it UP!!!

Mix it UP!!!

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