DeFINE Design In A Box

DeFINE Design In A Box!

Welcome to “DeFINE Design In A Box” where we are revolutionizing the design process one room at a time through our online interior design service, making it easy for you! Everyone deserves to work with an interior designer and have a beautiful room!
  • Not sure where to begin?
  • Have a room that you just can’t quite figure out?
  • Are afraid of making costly mistakes?
  • Do you have a hard time “pulling it all together”?
  • Love to “Do It Yourself” but just need direction & guidance?
  • Have the time and enjoy shopping but need a plan?
  • Would love to have the expert advise of a interior designer?
If you answered yes to any of those questions then this is the perfect design service for you!
Through modern technology and with over 25 years of experience, we are thrilled to introduce this online design concept, for those with discerning taste who would like to be in more control of the design process and budget. Once your room is designed, you will be able to purchase products where you will have access to my little black book of select merchants with exclusive loyalty discounts. You may also choose to take your DeFINE Design Room In A Box plan and put it into action at your own favorite stores, boutiques or online resources.  If you aspire to have beautifully designed rooms and the flexibility that our process affords, this is the perfect for your design needs.

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What You Need To Do!

  • Fill Out Questionnaire
  • Photograph All Walls & Ceiling
  • Take Photos & Measurements of Pieces Remaining
  • Measure Room and Create Drawing
  • Gather Inspiration Images
  • Room Budget
  • Upload or Mail Materials


What We Do For You!

This is when our team of experts will get to work and spend hours analyzing your questioner, photographs, room dimensions and all of the other design task information that you’ve sent to us. We’ll contact you via email and set up a time to talk with you about your project to get all of your questions answered and make sure we have a clear picture of your needs and goals for the room. Then we start to create your personal design, make selections that are just right for you and your room!
  • Analyze Your Questionnaire
  • Review Your Photographs
  • Dimension Review
  • Analyze Your Inspiration Photos  & Goals
  • Scale & Dimension Your New Room
  • Select Furniture and Materials
  • Create Design Concept Board
  • Compile Design Specifications
  • Manage Design Concept to Completion
  • Price Products & Materials Selected by DeFINE Design

What You Get From Us!

Within 6-8 weeks from when we receive your completed design tasks and have our conversation, a beautiful box with your gorgeous room design will arrive at your door. We will notify you via email when your box has shipped. Then you can get started shopping and putting it all together now that you have your DeFINE Design In A Box plan of action!
As a DeFINE Design In A Box client you will be given special loyalty discounts on all of the products that you wish to purchases from DeFINE Design affiliated with your new room!
  • A Floor Plan to scale showing you where each piece fits perfectly
  • Design Concept board with our selections for your space
  • Furniture & Fabric Selections
  • Lighting Design Plan & Selections
  • Paint & Wall Covering Selections
  • Window Covering Design, Fabrics and Hardware Selections
  • Accessory Selection or Suggestions
  • Art Direction or Selections
  • Flooring and Floor Covering Selections
  • Plumbing & Tile Selections (Kitchen & Bath Projects)
  • Cabinetry Design & Selections ( Kitchen & Bath Projects)
  • Design Specifications
  • Vendor & Merchant Pricing for Selections