Done In a Day

Done In A Day!

This unique service is a quick, easy, worry free way to get a whole new look without having to leave your home. You’ll have everything brought to you, put together perfectly, and be able to select what you’d like to purchase and have your room DONE IN A DAY!!

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions below, then this is the design service for you!

  • Do you have a hard time visualizing how things are going to look?
  • Are you not quite sure how it’s all going to come together?
  • Is your life extremely busy and you don’t have time to go shopping?
  • Do you not even know where to begin?
  • Not sure which items you should keep in your room?
  • Are you afraid of making mistakes and purchasing the wrong things?
  • Is selecting a paint color overwhelming to you?
  • Do you hate waiting for things and want instant gratification?
  • Is working with a specific budget important to you?
  • Don’t know what your “style” is?
  • Would you like to see how it’s going to look in your room before you buy it?

Services & Products

  • A Design Consultation
  • Project Management and Coordination
  • Space Planning
  • Paint and Color Selection
  • Lighting Selection & Installation
  • Accessory Selection & Installation
  • Contractor Management & Installation
  • Art Selection & Installation
  • Furniture Selection & Installation
  • Window coverings Selection & Installation
  • Delivery & Moving Services
  • Area Rug Selections

How it Works

At our initial design consultation we’ll evaluate your needs, help you find the right style for your room, discuss what budget is comfortable for you. We’ll talk about what pieces may be remaining in the space, do a complete design analysis, and take measurements. Then we’ll schedule a installation date that’s best for your calendar. Next our team will pull it all together for you, we’ll take care of all of the shopping and selections, coordinate the deliveries and contractors if needed. Schedule it all for the installation date. When we arrive the excitement begins, we’ll bring several options for your room and place just the right pieces together to create what you want. Then we’ll give you 24 hours to evaluate the room and select what you’d like to keep. We realize that we may need to switch a few items out for you but the majority of the room will be complete. Then we remove those items that are not remaining, you purchase the rest and your room is done!


What Does it Cost?

Choose the best package for your room and budget from our options below. This non refundable fee covers design time, material selections, and project coordination, it does not include the cost of products and materials selected, contractor services or moving and delivery fees.  At our initial design consultation we’ll discuss your materials and contractor services budget for the room that is comfortable for you. When we’re making the selections for your space we will work with that budget. At the time of delivery and installation payment in full is required for the new items in your room, for your 24 hour evaluation. Once you’ve made your finial selections after the 24 hour period then DeFINE Design will make a final adjustment to your invoice based off your selections and discuss what items need to be changed or ordered. Additional hourly design fee may be required if other items are being added or ordered after your initial installation is complete.

Basic Package: $1250.00 includes 10 hours of design time, material selection and project coordination.

Essential Package:  $1500.00 includes 12 hours of design time, material selections and project coordination.

Grand Package: $1875.00 includes 15 hours of design time, material selections and project coordination.

Luxe Package: $2500.00 includes 20 hours of design time, material Selections and project Coordination.


“I left my office on Friday afternoon and when I returned on Monday it was simple breath taking! I didn’t have to close down my office and loose business or interrupt my schedule. It felt great to come to work, I was more productive.  I only changed 3 small accessories items out of three new rooms. She and her team made it so easy I didn’t have to do anything, Penny really listened to me. She used some of my existing items and brought in the rest all within my project budget. My clients couldn’t believe how inviting it felt, my business instantly increased! Done In A Day design service was perfect for me!” Diane, Edward Jones office in Cherry Creek CO.